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Here's a little background

Who we are

Advanced Technologies was creaetd by Ron Johnson in 1985 in the middle of the technology boom. He would spend the next 30 years perfecting his craft, hiring many programmers along the way to keep up with the vast amount of businesses who needed the type of custom software that most tech companies don't offer. Technology is scary to most, but we believe it is the key to maximizing efficiency in the workplace...and it is downright fun. Let us be the geeks that you are looking for to help push your business to new heights, and break the ceiling that holds you back.

We design and build scalable, high performance web and mobile applications using database technology. Our clients have complex requirements and high performance goals, and we have the technical ability and experience to deliver. We have had the opportunity to work with companies as large as Kern County Superior Court, but also have worked with some amazing small businesses and start ups. Advanced Technologies is here to make your job easier and more efficient, the right way.

Our Core

Data Management

We promise a well designed data structure, allowing quick and easy upkeep over long periods of time.

User Experience

All of our apps are professionally designed for easy navigation. Our job is to make yours easier.


We guarantee ontime delivery of your product, both short and long term.

Meet the team

Ron Johnson
Founder & CEO

Ron has been in information technology for thirty plus years, with a passion for computer technology, and what it brings to the marketplace.

Luke Johnson
Director of Technology

Luke is tenacious with his programming and management skills, with a vast knowledge of information technology.

Tyler Johnson
Director of Finance

Tyler is the first son of Ron and the brains of Operations Management. He maximizes efficieny, ensures positive customer relations, and manages all financial data.

Fred Wong
Chief Programmer

Fred has worked for Advanced Technologies since the beginning of time. He is responsible for the smooth and sleek functions of our products.

Justin Layne
Network Engineer

It's hard to give a title, as Justin is paramount to the development, deployment, and process of every product and experience.

Eric Loos
Chief Database Manager

Eric maintains and manages our internal database structure to ensure exceptional speed and quality of service.